Broken Boys

Broken boys just wanted to play

Laugh and enjoy the day

Smile and spend time with friends and race

That is until everything became a game

The boys who were broken didn’t dress as nice

The boys who were broken couldn’t run as fast

The boys who weren’t broken didn’t have to work hard they knew what was for them.

The broken boys knew that as hard as they tried they may not be able to compete.

They would try and try but broken paths stood beneath their feet.

Then they found that many other things were broken.

So they would do everything to fix things because they wanted so badly to fix the world, so it wouldn’t be broken too.

Then they would cry at broken hearts that they passed in broken homes, broken lives left with broken goals and shattered dreams.

Somehow broken clocks and broken stoves never fed them time to mend broken hopes.

Broken boys never know what it means to overcome being broken down, so even if they fixed it all.

Who wants the man who grew up broken…


Dirty Talk

Yeah …

you sounded a lot more confident through a couple likes but shit all I see is a lot of smoke & filters.

Now I’m seeing how you are excited by danger.

Nice to meet you

I’m The Bad Guy.

You know Mr. Why So Serious

I clean up well

Then turn around and talk so dirty…

I’d say subtle things like stfu …


it’s turning you on.

Tired of hey beautiful and how are you?

Boring right

Predicable at best

You are seeking to find trouble

The guy who you thought was quiet and reserved.


That nice guy shit sounds good.

It just doesn’t come with respect.

I know first hand, I’ve been him before.

Taken for granted

Looked over

So as I Light this L You will be face down in my lap for the Win.

I work entirely to hard for a cape crusader to thwart my plans.

I popped your bra with one hand, and smacked your ass with the other.

You feel alive don’t you!!!

Look me in the eyes while I enter your domicile.

I make you feel like a woman:

sexy, excited, and most importantly desired.

Yet I’m no easy pull.

You can’t have me at your expense

don’t blow up my phone.

Know your fucking role.

Mr. Social media has made you feel more important than you are.

I don’t hand out Gold Stars and imaginary hearts.

If I’m double tapping anything its not on instagram

While thumbs up is more for arousal than approval.

I don’t do filters and good angle trophies.

I find the pleasure in perseverance:

endurance the one who can out work and out last all competition.

See you like the titles, I enjoy the work.

I’m more of

ignore you

left you on read guy.


when I get you in person

tell you get ready and where to head type.

Like save the date

book a flight,

got you hustling to make sure your bread right.


you don’t get to fly free

but you gon get fed right.

After it’s all said and done.

Make sure you get clean

Before we talk dirty.


We were split at birth, destined to turn every stone.

Settling for lust, greed, wrath, envy, gluttony, vainglory, pride.


Yet when we meet up it will be heavenly virtues.

Chasity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility

Stumbling over mistakes, miscommunication, and miscellaneous moments.

How dare I find refuge in useless vessels and how dare you be held up by unworthy pillars.

I knew you, before I knew who YOU were.

We are one, how could I not recognize myself.

Don’t answer because I precisely know the answer. It becomes this true reflection.

Polar opposites attracting through our connection and magnetism.

Lighting the sky and warming so many around us.

I know what it means to laugh and love you.

I couldn’t have you until i treated myself better.

I couldn’t believe in you until I was self reliant.

What kind of partnership could we have if I can’t give you what we deserve.

Not material

No a feeling

We mirror one another and lie in each others mind.

Sick, and oddly unique. How dare we be of the same caliber. Yet I see it.

So do you?

Curtain Call

Then it all came to an end.

The act, the mask, the whole concept.

It fell like Titans, crumbled and disintegrated.

Half life isotopes, thriving on similar values yet very distinct core differences.

Unfamiliar memories begin to blur, colors starting to blend creating secondary style.

Ironically it grabs me, hands free so that I can navigate but troubled to expedite my arrival.

Diligent so it can test my patience, quiet so it can keep my visions locked.

Along with that, it thuds and pulsates keeping me alive.

A flip in plot, a twist in objective, a curve in delivery.

Unseen, winding, foggy, it slowly clears and now at this very moment.

The terror, the nightmare of others becomes the heroin story.

Injected into my blood stream.

The mind changed, so the heart believed, and the world undoubtedly succumbed to the truth.

No longer at battle, no longer checkers, it becomes a prestige.

Checkmate on a chess board.

A legacy and in the end.

I gracefully take a bow.

Where is Ms. Carmen?

Dear Carmen,

I knew I wanted to see you and just like I thought you appeared. Not out of thin air, no pure manifestation. Preparing my mind for all possibilities. So we just toyed around with the bullshit games. I’d bless you then blow you off just so you knew you were mortal but also so I could see you cared.

Thought you could run/ nope I change lives and upgrade those in my way. You watched me grow, I admired you expand, then we sat back awaiting a new drill. Until I hit your spot now you leak success. Gushing, oil fields as I rub your stress away. Calling out for me.

Until the next call.

Carmen i’ll be waiting for you!