I began the idea to express my mind through my writing in this capacity months before actually even putting a thought to actually making it a reality.

As I made every excuse imaginable, I postponed it. I would constantly think about it again, to just then postpone it once, twice, or for the 200th time more. Yet I forgot the premise of it was to empower and to express. A lot of my apprehension came solely from self-doubt and a lack of aesthetics {I am a very visual and picky about presentation}.I felt an inability to Creatively portray my message vividly enough to be understood. Feeling as if I was stranded at sea yet not realizing I was simply riding my wave[or attempting to learn how]seeing the sun set and rise upon my dreams as I began manifesting them. Yet before I could learn to ride the wave, being submerged, failing, and even a gasp for air due to the possibility of drowning is not only going to happen but necessary.

I had to reboot, redo, reassess, realign, relieve, and ultimately recapture that thing I was blessed with. 

I also had to lose all empty things, useless habits, and pointless acquaintances, I had to metaphorically kill them off.

You can be everything you have desired it simply takes sacrifice, work, and most of all it takes time.

This expression will not always be one of warm and gentle breezes. It is idiotic to believe a life worth while has no controversy but it will always be worth it.

The highs the lows, the in and outs, the tears both of joy and of agony. This will be an exposing of myself and a vulnerability.

So, Here is to YOU in a world that is so easily accessible that sometimes privacy, the low lights, and our mistakes are hidden or swept under the rug to never truly be cleaned. Where confidentiality seems to be a thing of mythical proportions. Where, what to do and when, sometimes eludes you. Where our mind can play tricks and our body can tell us lies. Simply put sometimes it takes a CHANGE. It takes effort and it takes growth and a hedge of protection.

Sunday join me weekly for a new therapy session.

Use the words, the stories, and all information as you see fit to help and heal.

Pull up your phone, grab your tablet, or even crack open your laptop.

Tell a friend or keep it your own little secret, either way, it is always confidential.

Read it Monday, reread it on Thursday, and even decide to share it on Friday.

A place for music, thoughts, discussion, questions, poetry, relaxation, excitement, and liberation.

Here is a piece of sanity, solitude, sanctuary, and a piece of yourself you never understood you needed.

A haven, an outlet, a community, a place to connect with no filters, or captions but simply authentic.

Enjoy the ride, Find Yourself, Express Yourself, or Even release who you believe you thought you were…

Discuss the surface and the things underneath it, navigate the ocean and soar in the sky…

Read Between The Lines, Question the known and unknown, Give and Receive…

More importantly, remember…

Sundays are 







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