The most intense, freeing, and fearful thing you can do in this world is LET GO.

I watched a Movie where a man wanted to leave behind all that kept him in bondage to be a man of freedom. In the pursuit, he took upon one last task that nearly left him unable to see the vision he had desired. His thoughts of I need one more thing to let go was centered in Greed and not serving him for what he needed to do.

Most people say it is a simple task, yet not knowing is one of the single scariest things for most people in one area or another. Say it is not (then odds are you are lying) because typically control comes in the form of ego and ego is what we use to project ourselves onto the world. Ego is safe and more than in many ways is the easiest way to live. When things go haywire in whatever area we may want to be in the driver seat of, we fail to realize 10 times out of 10 it is because we are attempting to drive life. You drive cars, you drive your passion, you drive your effort but you can not drive life, you can only live it. You were born a passenger, a mere bystander, spectator of sorts. The issue is letting go of the idea of us being in control of things we can not control. A voice wanting to be heard yet most of the sound we let out is empty.


No seriously, let go of what you thought could be, should be, and would be. Now, this may seem like an idea or a stupid thought, yet in the truest of forms, it is the one things we do the least. Yet when you do manage to let go, it is the most rewarding gift you are blessed with.

Scenario A:

All semester you have decided that this class was going to be conquered by you, so you study day and night. You have grabbed a tutor, youtube tutorials on the subject matter, and even regularly going to office hours. In this pursuit of success, you have crammed this class into your brain so deep that you are ready to teach the class. Yet the only thing is your prior obligations to organizations have taken a hit in consistency. Your other classes which you could easily have done very well in have dropped dramatically. Now do not get me wrong life is about balance and maybe you aren’t involved in anything extracurricular but have to work yet that has been an obstacle because you have strained yourself over the class.

Scenario B:

You and a significant other go from great to good to just ok. Try hard as you may the more you push they pull, the stronger they resist the more you try. Then voila, they begin to give effort but now you are on the defense.  So now it is an eye for an eye. You are frustrated they are frustrated and instead of just enjoying the time in front of you tension causes the friction that tears you both apart.

Scenario C:

What you do is predicated on another’s view of what is right or wrong and you are paralyzed by the thought of them not being satisfied. Whether that is family situations, the person you decide to date, or the activities that excite you. We hold onto being accepted and desiring to be understood. It is a wonderful notion but you can never make someone do anything that choice is their own and nobody else’s. So trying to get your father or aunt to look at your lifestyle when their mind never worked that way. Doing your best to make your best friend enjoy your significant other is a choice they will have to come upon. Attempting to change her to your enjoyment is probably not in her plan.

Now, maybe one, 2, or all of the scenarios have been a relatable time in or are currently apart of your life.


Listen do your part, if you do it and do your best and the outcome is not what you wanted, well it is what was needed. You can bust your ass and get an A, B, or C, and never be social again, push and pull if you want [or] you can do YOUR best maintain your life and come out with an A, B, or C.

You can love deeply and be lied to or you can simply be playing the field and get treated like the 9th wonder of the world.

You can make only decisions to please the world and that will suit those whom you do not want to upset. You can please the people around you or please the person that never leaves you [YOURSELF].

Life has victims and victors, the only difference is the perspective of the person. You view what has happened as an omen you will make the mistake again and again by simply resisting it. Now change it and view it as ambrosia and every taste will seem sweeter as you learn and love the lesson in each occurrence.

  1. Lighten Up

  2. Laugh More

  3. LET IT GO

Take what you have and get what you want.

Toast Up to your Ambrosia!

Yet to everything that no longer serves or can be of service.