Working Late

This was meant to be an all-day thing.

Plotted perfectly to keep everything at the perfect temperature. Gladly simmering for flavor.

You have been marinated, text messages paired with a vivid imagination gladly compensate as the perfect 1,2 punch.

This mornings breakfast still lingers in more places than just your tongue. 

As healthy and balanced as it was your day was expected to be nothing less than phenomenal.

You had to work through lunch but the thought of what is on the menu for dinner keeps your appetite at bay.

A brief call between meetings, shoots, production, and potential investments was a slight tease.

Yet a quick photo shoot turns into a tempting display of sweetness. 

Your plans are drifting and the necessary appointments have you thinking of the quickest way to wrap them up. Amidst you daydreaming and trying to stay present.



-Anticipation is built, the thought of it makes your entire body anxious.-

-You are relapsing, the task in front of you are priority BUT this urge is necessity.-

Finally freedom or so you thought…

Last weeks snack was a reminder of what a pick me up can cure but there has been no time for that today. 

Now there is one last minute obstacle that demands your attention.

Of all days, now the eagerness is building.

Walking in the house was a brisk yet a precise hustle.

Each step more purposeful.

The tension so thick that where all your stuff goes has no importance at this point.

The day is finally over and now the night can begin.

Greeted with blissful scents and dim lights.

A bed adorned with tonight’s required attire. 

The air filled with the softest of welcoming melodies.

The work you put in today will be rewarded handsomely.

Dinner will be just as savory as you imagined.

Dessert shall be decadent.

Just relax …



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