Yes, you have been able to speak.

But have you been heard, has your body language been accounted for? Have you been granted the ability to express yourself before words slip from your mouth, with every ounce of energy your body possesses?

Yes, you have been heard. 

But have you been understood? Has your body language been interpreted so delicately, studied, and mastered that its comprehension, deserves a Ph.D. for the in-depth researched put forth paired with the unbridled attention to detail? 

Yes, you have been given access.

But have you been blessed with permission to slip into roles of desire, distress, dominance, to find out that it was the ultimate form of submission?

Yes, you have been given satisfaction.

But have you ever been granted a warranty of continued deliverance of exceptional quality? A guarantee to be paid handsomely on your investment that brings the ultimate interest.

Yes, you have been undressed.

But have you been stripped of every insecurity to find yourself bare, excited as you step foot on the stage and can sway and bend the room as eyes quickly cover your entire presence?

Yes, you have been touched.

But have you been felt to the point that you go numb, blackout, then suddenly rush back to life as a soothing fall ocean zephyr clears your entire body?

Yes, you have been penetrated.

But have you ever been injected so intoxicatingly with the things that intertwine with your soul, aura, and instincts. That it seems as if your nerves are now being controlled by a joystick? 

Yes, you have been tasted.

But have you been devoured, garnished daintily amongst an ensemble of delicacies to slowly be ingested. Slowly engulfed as if ambrosia flowed from every pore?

Yes, you have been photographed.

But have you been captured, taken to a dark room to develop every negative, to simply hang up the masterpieces, that would have been destroyed if exposed in the light?

Yes, you have been admired.

But have you been placed atop a pedestal, then viewed in a gallery with sacred antiquities? That can only be observed by that of a class of modern contemporary art, yet the students will never understand as much as they like to, that you are priceless and sacred.

Yes, you have been teased.

But has the very person who bullied you made you cringe in excitement? The force applied was slightly masochistic yet the pain was the very feeling you urged to allow you to understand what true Power feels like.

Yes, you have been turned on.

But have you been controlled as your volume changed, each input changing the function of your display, mute as you were pressed so abruptly, guided slowly to be recorded for later?

Yes, you have been grasped.

But have you been held up by gravity, slowly released to then be choked up in a manner that expedited a surge of blood flow?

Yes, you may have found yourself in similar positions