The fragrance of a delicate fruit.

How sweet is it and why is it so appetizing.

I thought of your fragrance *whiff * I Inhaled.

We stared and laughed finding safety in danger.

As we work together a new spark *puff* We inhaled.

The music paired with food and smiles.

Steps of dancing and ideas of broken rules.

What exactly do our gestures bring?

We lay back and cuddle *sniiiiiffff* you inhale.

I lay comfortable and calmly at ease.

We build up a sense of connection and it surely shows.

This turns into an ongoing chase and battle.

We become so entangled that it is now obvious.

Unclothed you are now visible well mostly yet parts of you remain hidden.

I decided to run my senses wild by partaking in you.

We found that hairs rising is quite the status of electricity.

Now a pair of lingerie sits between myself and its treasure.

I run my lips, tongue, and nose up your thigh.

As I arrive at my destination * sniiffff* I inhale.

Once I *Finish HER* you find yourself in a state of euphoria.

Your tongue now grazes my chest, abdomen, my neck, and ears.

You arrive at the valleys of my waist and the fabrics of sweats.

Beneath was exactly the thing you have searched for.

Surprised yet quite anxious at what is now towering in front of you.

You look me in my eyes seductively *wink * you inhale.

As it seems hours have passed it is now time for a mutual connection.

In the beginning you await, quiver, and anticipate.

As you brace, your muscles quickly release, letting out a heavy sigh.

We join lips with full intent. We Inhale.

As our sessions have come to its end we both find opportune moments to exhale.

Catching our breath and we smile knowing this will not suffice.

Laying back in ecstasy we take a moment.