Can we slay demons?

Turn around to possess the strength to lift up each other’s burdens, feed each other’s soul with words of praise, growth, and insight. For every fear look under the bed, clear the closet, and check the cellar. Knowing that we are completely safe in the scariest of moments.

Can we take the hands down from our faces so that time stops?

Yet wake up bright and early jog a mile or 3, laugh at each other’s odd stories, after we blissfully caress each other’s smiles. This being the start to more days and even when we are miles apart we feel each other on a level that is sacred to one another.

Can we stand the rain, lay in the sun, and plow through the snow?

Conquer Mother Nature, and for every tsunami we meet, we match it with a scuba suit and beach ball. Basking in your triplicity of waters, I will not shy as long as you meet me with equal perseverance and vow to never run no matter how deep I penetrate.

Can we take yesterday and place it in our picture album?

Glance at the past for use of mortality, but simply realize it is just an outdated version and a new update is going to fix most of the bugs and kinks well maybe not the kinks. I like the kinks especially when you do that one thing you do with your neck, although most people hate kinks in their neck, oddly you enjoy we both have them. Plaster our love on walls and also save some of our own outtakes for our own safe to enjoy at later dates.

Turn away from the regularities of this sick world?

Turn around and run into our own expression of art, healing, sound, and watch as heads turn or voices go silent at our masterpiece.Write our own scripts and role play as we watch the sunrise in the east and set in the west. Get high at noon and make sure both hands touch as we sit at the top. Pace our breathe as we partake in marathons, half marathons, and even short sprints just to test agility, endurance, and perseverance.

Can we press forward and never mention the past?

Build every day and even then stand back and look at the life we have lived. Blessings of happiness, wrapped with tears, adorned with a bow of despair; just so we remember it was not always a happy gift but forever a humbling one. As we move forward we never allow life to pass us without us first studying and learning why we have come to this lesson. 

Can you be my partner in crime or at least be my alibi?

What is the difference as long as you know the means justify the ends? Can we go on a killing spree and assassinate everything that harmed you & I. After we attack, I can stroke your self-esteem. As well as tame your ego letting you know that work comes before play and the play is always worth the work. I plead the fif when you ask is this my 1st time but you value the fact my experience is beyond my years.

Can you reassure me that all of those men before prepared you for me?

For every broken road, for every hurt, tear, and ache. I was able to be the soothing remedy to each and every burn. The smile to replace the frown and the pain you can endure. I can protect you from every instance that brings pain and show you that hurt can come from laughs, tears from joy, and aches from exploration.

While you sit there in a place not meant for you I can not wait until the day we can RUNAWAY…