I prayed for you.
I asked God to send me you in the form of flesh.
I kneeled down and mapped out how it would feel to hold you.
I drew up situations of how I would adorn you with Love.
I fantasize about the ways I will love you openly and unapologetically.
I seeked you in all acquaintances I encountered.
I listened for your voice although I knew not what it sounded like.
I sniffed for your scent hoping that it would grace my nose.
I sampled flavors hoping that the one I thought most delicious would be yours.
Yet before I could see everything that you are, I will be blessed with everything you are not.
Taking a backseat, I had to sit and not be allowed to drive towards my final destination.
I was on another’s time, so my watches never seemed to tick properly.
I thought I was armed and strong but I found defeat in many battles.
I thought my fire was bright and welcoming but it was wild and untamed.
I felt I could dive deeper into emotions but I almost drowned.
I could see you, but it was as if someone had splashed the water.
Your ripple and reflection clearly distorted.
I pressed harder.
I lost, lied, and even deceived for you.
I cried, fought, and stood up for you.
I grew, learned, and prepared for you.
I pushed, pulled, and grasped for you.
Have I met you?
Do I know You?
Do You Know Me?
Where are you?
I have done many things for you but for now…I will,