Lily was different in a world of what can you do for me and lack of communication, she was the conversations you thought of but never expressed. She was independent but a different level of self aware. She knew she could have anything but the game and process was far more attractive than the prey, and the prey more attractive if the process was worthwhile .

She had recently relocated so work, staying fit, and the occasional happy hour was unfulfilling, since it was so systematic. A coworker mentioned a few things but none ever seem to exhilarate her. That is until she had caught wind of a concert upcoming with a few of her favorite artist. Knowing you are sexy as a woman and being appreciated for being sexy were two very different things. Lily knew she was gorgeous but her femininity had not been appreciated in quite some time. A different gorgeous, an anomaly of sorts was the woman she exuded, no template but pure individuality. Her figure was earned not purchased, knowledge was learned and cultivated, and well let’s say her taste was refined yet broad. Although she had aged gracefully she picked up every piece of her womanhood and was a mosaic masterpiece.

The night was refreshing slipping on the exact things lacked in her routine. Every woman has that little girl at heart, who wants to play dress up and be adored. Her dress fit her so fluidly it was as if she had been born out of the womb with it, midsection open, mid thigh split, and just hitting her calves so that her walk would not be covered or overshadowed . Yet, before that even caressed her skin she had pampered herself, nails fresh, feet smooth, her skin dripping of honey even the bees would envy. Soaking and candles had been lit, Lily was truly in such a relaxing mode. Her skin radiant and accentuated by her belly chain which sat above her mid section and fell gracefully with a jewel which sat atop her belly button.

Her lingerie a beautiful storm and the secret touch underneath her ensemble. Her hair full of life, Yet when she completed her look with a sleek stiletto, she became INVINCIBLE. Lily’s perfume gave off hints of cucumber, hyacinth, and a touch of jasmine for aphrodisiac purposes. Intoxicating, addictive, and without much warning very lethal. She was dressed to assassinate, her looks were lethal from any distance. Wrapped up like a beautiful present and personifying the moon, bold, bright, and most of all inspiring. She was controlling the waves and knew exactly what she was capable of.

Entering the venue was actually a bit unsuspecting, as it was more intimate and quaint than expected. Live music of melodic horns, bass guitars, and warm vocals. Lily  a walking force and even her coworker was awestruck of the woman whom she had invited. Greeted with kisses on both cheeks a bit of Lily’s deep plum lipstick had smudged but was quickly fixed. Stares of her aura, presence, or a combination of both were apparent. The show was now stolen, Neo in the matrix or Juvenile over a soulful beat she had the room in Slow motion.

The night was going so smoothly, music, laughs, drinks, and even the stares from numerous men was a bit of the thing Lily had lacked in recent weeks. Finding pleasure in all the missing elements of her new routine came slowly into place. That is until [he] walked in and what seemed to be a night of relaxation presented the one thing Lily had yearned for most…

{To Be Continued…}