Did I?

Ever touch you so fiercely that time stopped, turning an equal sign on its side. Finding the movie of your life has abruptly paused? Wondering if the next scene is suspenseful, romantic, or leading to a sequel. A series of events to keep you on your toes are so unpredictable, that your keyboard can never quite make the next suggestion. Press play only if you are sure, that you are up for the role. We can rewind but I am sure fast forwarding to the end is not in the plan. Buttons control many things, I wonder which buttons have you changing scenes or showing behind the scenes footage. Coming soon to a screen near you.

Have you?

Ever indulged in my scent that you realized you had never smelled nectar so sensual and although you wish you could bottle it and sell it on a Macy’s men’s floor in a holiday set it lingers then dissipates from your nose as I depart? That it is a scent you wish you could eat but can only describe as memorable, welcoming but in-adamant while occupying your nose. A smell that fills more than your nose and lifts up the hairs on your neck in excitement.


Did you hear my voice, amidst my mouth being miles away and phones unavailable? Are you alone when you feel my breathe on your neck. My lips on your spine and my tongue letting a flow of sentences that you write in your journal as quotes of strength, love, peace, hurt, tears, and raise your smile. The vibration of my words spoken could shatter barriers, calm waters, or roar with lions. The warmth of my vocal chords inviting your entire body to listen and rearrange itself so fluidly. A snake whisper as your body winds from arch to flat and side to side. Is my voice your favorite hook, melody, and bridge.


Was my taste so bold that after eating your favorite meal you decided that nothing would ever be as fulfilling as my flavors? It is a taste that is savory, mouth watering, yet never too decadent or spicy to handle. The perfect mixture wrapped up in just the thing you had a taste for all day. That pink starburst, mac and cheese, chocolate, your favorite Starbucks drink, and even that Olivia Pope red wine you sip to relax never quite compares to the combination of my profile a top your taste buds.


Was every ray of sunlight that came in your eye oddly not bright enough to outshine my sight. That the warmth my silhouette brings holds you tight in the darkness of night. That my shadow seems to follow you and although you feel in control it flows into its own steps. How is it that you’ve seen me in places I have never been. A mirage of my physique sits at the peak of your eyes, penetrating deep into your mind. When you see me, am I in the image of God to you or the warrior whom shall protect you from the things you threaten you most. Warm rivers of chocolate flow from the strength of my jaw to the valley and peaks of my chest and abdomen. Is my sight the very essence of beauty. Are you daydreaming, is it haunting, is it pleasant, or a beautiful nightmare?

Who Am I? 

As you’ve listened to every word I jogged your senses so vividly that now your mind is racing and your heart beating double time. It is crazy that in your most sacred memories I was able to penetrate. I speak as a person that may have never met your acquaintance, yet can trigger you so intimately…

How could?

I touch your heart, capture your sight, engulf your nostrils, whisper into your ears, and replace the watering of your mouth so confidentially. Then intensely  ignite your hearts desires through thoughts you may have never knew you longed for. Inside and out.

Crazy how my questions excited your senses.

Do I know you?

Do you know me?

Are you my muse?

or is this simply  

Deja Vu?