It is sometimes an unsung rule that a man should be dexterous.

Yet many fail in that category and rather be oral assassins.

Weaving lies with their tongue to seductively receive their prize.

A man with the ability to create from nothing is a gift.

A woman who has been broken can always pick herself up.

A woman who has been torn down can scoop up the remains and look to sew them back together.

Yet a man who has improperly handled a woman may make her lose vital parts.

A touch is more than just the act of caressing another’s skin.

A touch is more than a sweet kiss on the lips.

The proper hands will touch your heart, wipe your tears, and mend your wounds.

A man whose hands are as intentional as his words and thoughts will take even the most tedious task and find security in his ability solve and complete them.

Strong, firm, yet welcoming.

His hands will soothe the frustration from your body to leave it malleable and flexible.

A man’s hands are supposed to leave a forever impression.

Like most priceless treasures, a man’s hands should handle women with care.

Truly dexterous hands meant to lead, create, correct, and protect.

I understand you seek intimacy and to be held.

Are you in Good Hands?

Your body to be examined and erupted simply through touch.

Are you in Good Hands?

Unclothed with gentle caress yet handled with firm precision.

Are you in Good Hands?

Rubbed in the places that ache and the ones that allow you to slow wind.

Are you in Good Hands?

Protection paired with, anticipation, growth, and security.

Are you in Good Hands?

Feeding you, touching you, nourishing you.

Are you in Good Hands?

Taking the broken parts and pieces and creating a masterpiece.

Are you in Good Hands?

It takes wisdom to use your hands properly.

It takes knowledge to know where and how to use your hands.

It takes understanding to use hands firmly or gently to accomplish the task at hand.

It takes a man to know the time, place, and destination to drive his hands properly.

A means of uplifting more than your physical attributes but the intangible ones.

Diagnosing and deliberately dedicating his efforts to complete a task.

Holding you as close to his heart without actually being in his chest.

Trusting to fall yet always caught before everhitting the bottom.

Feeling a pulse of solidarity through locked fingers.

A force of protection and a stance of discipline.

Wiping tears of sorrow and joy.