On her 1st Birthday I wrote a piece for my daughter and it is my eternal love  for her. So to my precious daughter, I have made a virtual time capsule of the same poem I recited to you on your 1st birthday. A woman can only pull love from a man who understands Love, and then places that into her heart. As the 1st man who is graced with that opportunity. I will plant the seed and nurture it until the man who  is deserving, will be allowed to continue watering and nourishing the true beuaty you bloom into. On that day you may have a new man 

-Worry Not about who stares, grins, or grimaces.

Stares, grins, and grimaces fail into comparison to the hugs, smiles, kisses, and tears you will bring and be given by me.

-Worry Not about who gossips, lies, or manipulates.

Liars, gossipers, and manipulators will never be clever enough to outwit you, yet never take part in their foolish games.

-Worry Not about whether he will call, text, or FaceTime.

If he doesn’t call, text, snap, FT, or whatever FUCK HIM, it is his loss! Plus you have a plethora of men who love you unconditionally.

-Worry Not about whom said what about whomever.

Whatever was said about whoever is none of your business, even if Maverix is the daily tea. Just make sure you charge a usage fee.

-Worry Not about if you are special, beautiful, or loved.

Special, beautiful, loved before we found your name or your presence God made it so. So never doubt that!

-Worry Not about if you have it all together or simply can not get it right.

If you do not have it all together, remember puzzles do not come assembled: and that words turn into sentences, sentences turn into thoughts, thoughts to ideas, ideas to plans, plans to goals, goals to achievements, and achievements to legacies.

You are Legendary.

-Worry Not about being protected, honored, or cherished.

You are covered in protection internally and externally, you will sit atop a throne, and Me, Mommy, and Max cherish you, remember that always.

-Worry Not if boys or men find you to be sexy, attractive, or fine.

If boys or men do or do not pursue you physically, remember the blessing that patience brings and how nobody likes the caterpillar but everyone awes at the butterfly.

-Worry Not if you fail on the first, 15th, or even the 215th attempt.

When you fail once remember how many never tried. When you fail the 15th time remember how many were afraid to try again and if you happen to stumble upon failed attempt 215 remember how many dare not take as many steps forward in growth.

-Worry Not if you feel lost, confused, or unsure.

If you feel lost, confused, or unsure. Meditate, Pray, Fast, Ask Siri, Google, or any new age device. Then when you need wisdom you can always come and ask daddy!

-Worry Not about external superficial sources telling you what you are supposed to be.

The magazines, web, tv, social apps, and commercials have never seen someone so majestic and unique so remember nobody knows you more than you! Not even your celebrity look alike(we all have one)

-Worry Not about taking a risk, making mistakes, or losing.

Risk is apart of life, be wise in them yet never shy away, making mistakes are more like life teachers than they are markers of success, and as for losing for every person who has won they have felt defeat. Use it as fuel never as an excuse. We do not believe in Excuses.

-Worry Not about fitting in, being accepted, or even liked.

I tried fitting in and let me tell you it sucks. Especially since if you do not fit in, it means you are bigger than the crowd which cannot hold your presence. Being accepted should only apply to what makes your heart pump and being liked is optional. (Refer to being special and loved)

-Worry Not about the answer, yet focus on the problems and all solutions.

Answers are for those who are afraid of solutions. Answers are for a standardized test, solutions are what change the problems of the world.

-Worry Not about your value.

Your value is grander than a dollar sign, a number of men desiring you, the women following you, or people applauding or criticizing you. Your value has no definition until you write it for yourself.

-Worry Not about material items for they all are recycled eventually.

What we wear today will resurface so find what suits your style and stay true, the world is already filled with enough fakes.

-Worry Not about if you can achieve it.

Achieving your goals is seldom a problem, and if it is, simply refer to the difference between an answer and a solution.

-Worry Not about thieves or tricksters.

As for thieves and tricksters. What is yours can never be stolen and although you will always be a kid at heart, tricks are for kids you will soon grow out of them.

For every worry, I will miss in this piece worry little about those either. As you shift worry to smiles, remember if you happen to ever worry I am always here to reassure you of yourself. Happy 1st Birthday. I love you, my Princess!

(Time capsule to Maverix Amora Hall)