We used to laugh and joke.

Sometimes I was unsure if you understood or even cared too.

I would kiss you and you would smile.

Sometimes you would raise a fist.

Other times you would greet me with a “Hi Baby”.

You would smile and laugh and I would too.

I could sit with you for hours and have conversations that were imaginative.

We ate a lot, no seriously we ate good, probably our favorite past time.

So petite but somewhere you had a 5th stomach.

“Shut Up” was probably your number one used phrase.

I would be quite but after a while, I be talking again.

*smokey voice*

We would escape reality while actually living in it.

I remember the last time we danced.

[Angel by Lalah Hathaway.]

We did our usual routine and in it time was able to be paused.

I know I can always turn to you.

Funny the last time we danced I picked that very song.

Then 4 months later you left me.

I hadn’t fully cried in quite some time.

Yet that day I didn’t come see you like I could have.

I saw you one last time and in that moment I felt a deep loss.

No smiles, no laughs, and no dancing just you and a void.

It sat a top the many losses I had felt in the months prior.

I was losing in so many facets.

Then I lost you.

So my eyes lost tears.

You meant that to me.

My tears are always an expression of love.

You as my love, grazed my cheeks and to this day I keep you with me.

When we meet again just promise to save me a dance.


Dedicated to Geneva Hegwood-Williams (June 24th 1926- October 22nd, 2016)

Thank You for 25 Years of Love and 90 Years of Wisdom.