[You lacked protection.]

So I defended your honor, upheld your name, I viewed you as pristine and priceless, just as the moment you graced this earth.

[You lacked compassion.]

So I held your hand, gazed into your eyes, and reminded you of your beauty. I took you on dates, I made you laugh, I observed, I paid attention, then I cashed in by appreciating your value.

[You lacked discipline.]

So I withheld, I harmed you for every mistake you made, I met your ulterior motives with the same, I chose another so you could focus. I left you alone so that you may find the strength you only needed to earn and not be given so easily.

[You lacked support.]

So I rooted you on, I admired your unique ability and cheered in both the shadows and public at your hard work. I displayed your efforts and acknowledged your greatness.

[You lacked direction.]

So I walked with you, talked to you, listened to your dreams, and fed you pieces to help accomplish goals. I planted seeds and watered them.

[You lacked someone desiring more than what you presented physically.]

So I held conversations, showed you things you never had imagined, presented you with experiences, I asked questions, most of all I laid beside you and held you in a protective manner, so you felt safe.

[You lacked someone who saw the woman you could be.]

So I stared into your soul and found the girl who dreamed of her 1st then put you in front of the mirror so you two could speak.