A woman using her voice to express her hurts, accomplishments, and her true self is what many artists look to do. Ms. Blythe is no different in her debut project  “Heartbreak EP” a common theme of young 20-somethings and even the teenage dating scene in a melodic transcript. 

{Souls looking for love but not understanding it, fighting what it could be out of fear, yet being paralyzed by its partial remnants.}

That may be a vast generalization but the desire for an intimate connection but the feeling of an inability to capture and maintain it seems to be a constant theme. A generation of hurt people hurting people, looking for healing in toxic habits. Anxiety, low self-esteem, and subconscious trauma = a millennials tale.

Blythe directly gives dialogue at the conclusion of a few songs which is refreshing to have a drop from a song for definitive purposes. Discussing the self-conscious and anxiety behind seeking not only self-validation but external acceptance from their male societal cohabitants, along with general society itself. Her knowledge is definitely on display not only in the dialogue but the topics she chooses to touch upon. The snippets of the late Malcolm X and Nina Simone is a clear indication of self-awareness in her presence, as well as observation of her female cohorts plight of external acceptance coupled with self-importance. The thought and theory of being a woman of color [a more beautiful and accepted idea], than the actual practice and natural beauty of women of color.

If ever an album embodied the concept of what it may look like to step into the skin of a woman of color romantically in today’s society, this may be a start. The self-doubt portrayed by media, the competition by that of societal and peer standards, and the vague understanding of companionship is a selfish battle of push and pull. Seeking love in common occurrences and seeking reciprocity in unhealthy vessels. The pressure to have it together, with not even knowing what you want to wear today, what will be for dinner, and if you even are in the correct career. This may be a very tangent and obtuse comparative tool but that feeling is right up the alley. The cycle of submission trial and error gives, in the current dating scene.

I was able to catch this lovely lady at the House of Blues in action and her voice is as welcoming as Saturdays in the fall. She has an aura of genuine presence. If ever there is someone to add to your playlist her EP has a few pieces that will allow you to evaluate your current status and make you self-release. I was also blessed to ask her a few questions and see where Ms. Blythe pulls her art from.

Artist Interview:

1.) when did you decide to put your all into your music?

I have been singing for as long as I can remember. Participating in the youth choir at church, choir in middle and high school as well as multiple performing arts groups in college. It was the only thing that ever really made sense to me. So in 2012, I decided that music was gonna be it for me. 

2.) What does serenity sound like? (3 song soundtrack)

Cherish the day-Lalah Hathaway

Carry on-KING

God is my friend-Marvin Gaye

3.) How does your music empower you?

I believe that the truth is healing. So being honest and transparent is the key for me when it comes to songwriting. 

4.) What inspired the title of your EP?

A bad relationship! The Heartbreak EP is a tale of a lack of self-love which mirrored an unhealthy pattern in my romantic relationships. 

5.) Who are your top 5 vocalists?

Jill Scott

Marvin Gaye

PJ Morton 

Jazmine Sullivan

Billie Holiday

6.) When did you fall in love with music?

I have loved music my entire life. My earliest memory would be at 4 years old. 

7.) Who is Blythe Dennis? (In 12 words)

An imperfect, passionate, intuitive, constantly evolving woman trying to navigate through life. 

8.) Do you write about your own life or occurrences you observe?

[Both] but mostly my life

9.) What is Love?

Love is action. Caring about others at the same level or more than one cares about themselves to me is the embodiment of love. It isn’t all about the romantic aspect. It’s much deeper than that.

10.) If you could collaborate with any artist dead or alive who would that be?

Marvin Gaye for sure. I love that man! 

11.) What “no” helped you push harder into your craft?

I haven’t gotten a flat out no. But indifference pushes me. Sensing when people don’t think I have what it takes pushes me to prove them wrong. 

12.) Who/What/Where inspires you?

People I come across inspire me. Those who believe in me and my craft inspire me to keep pushing. 

Love and life experiences inspire me to shed light on topics and issues many strays away from discussing.

I find inspiration everywhere. My surroundings, places I’ve been and places I wish to go.