*As Lily sits at her desk she is intrigued as to how she ended up in his bed, better yet she knew. Was it worth it? She was just wondering was she right or wrong, is he going to judge her? She had so many things running through her mind and getting [HIM] out of her thoughts was the toughest task.*

-The Week Before-

~a sultry soft voice with a wonderful southern draw speaks~

“Excuse me, can you show me where the women’s department is sir?” 

~a firm soothing voice rushingly replies~

“Yes, it is right up the escalator and directly to your left.”

The woman slowly sashayed away and the man although peeved could not help but notice her silhouette.

>>Fast Forward 2 Hours

As Trey walked in the door he thought to himself whether or not he was even up for the concert this evening. Between the weather and his day, his mood was not fully up for it.

Trey was a hybrid part man part amazing with a dash of revere and a nice slice of savage. As a young man, he was ambitious, determined, yet very grateful for his personal hardships and circumstances. Rich not monetarily but with an experience, he had traveled as a youth and his mind had been to more places than his eyes had set themselves upon, at least at this point. Along with that after years of the uncouth phase, he was nothing short of debonair. Trey’s past was exactly what had created the man who stood here today and he was conscious enough to know that. Quick-witted, skilled, talented, quietly present with a stare that could pierce souls. Deep wisdom, plus a voice admired in many rooms, he was the epitome of a RENAISSANCE MAN.

•Loud Knocks from the front door•

: Enters in Trey’s right-hand man Jacê. Jacê was a bit of a clown, not the circus type but just a jokester, he was the guy who worked for the crowd through laughs. Being people friendly helped him move in many ways. An individual of his own caliber and truly not afraid to air out his words or thoughts. He was as short-tempered as he was comical depending on the day of the week. Trey and Jacê were sort of  polar opposites with some distinct yet variable  similarities.:

Yelling a top his lungs, “Aye, you know how you do man you were supposed to be ready 30 minutes ago.” Trey was notorious for taking his time assembling himself in most fashions. He was slow and meticulous in most things. Jacê, on the other hand, was quick-tempered and even quicker to put things into action, quick fire without aim.

“I know but I got held up at work because this biiih,  woman decided she wanted to shop at the last minute and then ended up not even getting anything. Plus this weather is kind of blowing me right now.”

Trey was beyond peeved at this instance because it had put him in a mood that had deterred him from his evening which he had deserved. Jacê attempted to make light of the situation, “Listen if we see her we can stomp her out, you take showers and fart don’t you? So what is a little rain and thunder going to change? Let’s just get you ready for this concert before Jesus has his second coming and I have to explain my tax returns and that one girl I messed with a couple years back.”

Trey decided to let it go and spent a quick 25 minutes getting in the shower and getting himself presentable. As he stepped out, he and Jacê again looked like two sides of a coin. Trey had put on some tailored Chinos with a cuffed denim short sleeve shirt, casual canvas shoes with a simple floral print, and a nice watch. Jacê was something out of a youth store, cuffed denim jeans, the latest J’s, and a graphic tee. Yet the styles suited both parties and the atmosphere was intended to be laid back so they were both properly dressed. The only difference has Trey coated in a distinct cologne which complimented the style he was pulling off for the evening. Trey threw on his bomber jacket.

The transit from Trey’s place was a lengthy one as he preferred the solidarity of being out of reach of most but present if need be. Jace, on the other hand, had to be in the mix somewhat to be seen but more so to be acknowledged.

Trey hits the music:

“Trey, man you not gon be on that to cool to talk shit tonight are you? You know how you get when we are in crowds, and it is going to be some grown women here, so none of that shy shit.”

Trey had known that his reserve demeanor was not a simple lack of wanting to talk, but how unimpressed he was by most things others admired. Jacê was, on the other hand, loud but really the shy one when the lights were on. Trey would alley-oop simply because he would be bored and Jacê loved a solid opportunity to ramble on with a decently attractive woman.

“Listen, I told you most of these women are out for 1 of 3 things and none of those 3 things I am willing to give. I have a million and one things to handle and deal with, a potential headache or some drama is not one.”

Jacê demeanor slightly shifted for all of 3 seconds before he retorted.

“Well check this while you at home beating your dick, I am going to be knocking down somebody mama, daughter, or grandma. Shit, maybe I switch it up and get me an auntie who can make some fire cornbread. While you sit there, watch me work or you can sit ya boring ass there and enjoy your drink and the music.”

Trey was unfazed by all this talk because as soon as he got in the venue Jacê would be quiet [TRYING] to play it cool, but really showing how nervous he was. You would think he had learned his lesson from all the issues he had with the ladies but hey to each his own.

“Jacê, I don’t need to beat my dick if I ever get that desperate, I just will hit up Tasha or Mrs. Paula and have one of them do it for me. I heard Tasha had skills and she done got real thick.”

Tasha was the one who got away from Jace and Mrs. Paula was his mama. Jace hated when Trey played that card.

“Aye FUCK YOU! I am going to beat yo ass man stop talking about my mama. And Fuck Tasha she done got fat the bitch ain’t thick, ok ight she got a little thumper but she ain’t thick. Man see I ain’t playing with you, I’m  gon fuck Kamryn keep playing with me.”

Kamryn was one of Trey’s Ex’s and was someone he and Jace had both met back in the day. Trey hadn’t really wanted to date her and really could give not an ounce of concern about her.

“She probably let you hit too, have at it just make sure she doesn’t call my phone when you can’t hit it right. She a freak so you might not be able to keep up.”

The venue was coming up as they were exiting the highway and sitting at a stop light to waiting for it to turn.

“I will tear that ass up and have her saying Trey who. Nigga, you must not know I be shutting shit down. They don’t call me Jace The Great for nothing.”

Trey just shook his head and let out a smirk and laugh.


As the parking seemed to be filling up they found a nice spot. Trey took a nice swig from his flask Jace mimicked and they were on their way in. The entrance was just getting a bit congested and the young professional crowd was well represented with a few more seasoned characters. The usual for this type of event, and it was not long before they were to the front.

Jace was already on hound patrol and Trey realized that this was going to go one of 2 ways. As they were patted down the security guard who was familiar with Trey and Jace made a gesture like it was worth the visit tonight.

“Fellas enjoy the show, but that ain’t the only thing to watch tonight.”

Jace nodded but Trey was skeptical as they walked in the intro band was already full swing, the atmosphere was definitely thick with grown-up vibes. A plethora of beautiful women and handsome men all in one venue, the night would be interesting, to say the least.

Immediately Jace was eye hunting for the booty and the beast. Trey was looking to grab a nice spot and drink from the bar, they both were unaware they had just walked into a new game. Jace had locked in and Trey had simply scoped the scene, what happened next would only be described as a game changer…

[To be Continued….]