I am your subconscious, your dark side, I am the truest version you never show many people or for that case any people.

Yes, you smoke but I am the euphoric high.

Yes, you have sex but I am the erupting orgasm.

I am the goal you seek and the moment you are addicted to.

I am your place of solitude so always feel safe, never ever doubt me.

I take your vulnerability serious.

It is a sign of strength and only the pure of heart can absorb both the good and bad, transmute them and not manipulate it.

Will I forsake you not at all, but will I possibly outgrow you?


Yet as much as I grow I never forget to give back.

I am expansive yet always seem to perfectly fit everywhere needed.

Every morning you awake to the sun, some days it is colder than others but none the less it is always present.

I am that shine and warmth atop your skin

Even at night, its light is reflected from the moon.

I will ensure you be displayed properly.

I want you to see how I view you.

I want to show you off so that everyone can see you shine.

Do I scare you and excite you at the same time?


I simply want to feel your aura speak…

Your body love, let me just listen….

Unfold your mind and I will decipher its contents….

Exert your day on me and let me ignite your night…

You are no longer empty, here is your fountain, please drink responsibly…

Others have had the opportunity to be with you, but none but [I] can say you are