Sounds made in silence.

Breathes of air freshly tainted.

The space you took for granted.

Gasping for air after being submerged.

Questions summoned by prior answers.

The joke that stings a bit through its truth.

Masterpieces resurrected from blank canvases.

Gestures of kindness built behind walls of rage.

Thoughts of help balanced with passions of deceit.

When you get uncomfortable you look at me instead of your phone.

I am the unexplainable vibe that helps you see who others never could!

Light in the midst of shadows and shelter in the midst of storms.

I am nostalgia, a place that reminds you of truths spoken.

Recollection of past failures to sort the tangled thoughts.

Triumph fueled by hurt, disappointment, and doubt.

Sunrises at midnight and full moons at midday.

Negative thoughts replaced with positive action.

Undivided Attention in a society of what’s next.

A dose of medicine disguised as addiction.

Clean intentions with dirty thoughts.

Authentic in a world of synthetic.

Truth in a sea of lies.

The Vibe.