Every time I stand on the edge somehow it always reaches me. Even when I awe from a far, It somehow finds a way to mist and I can smell its fragrance in the air.

As eager as I was, it awaited me with a splash.


I allowed my body to relax and slowly found bliss.


I decided to release all fear, to dive in was my best bet.


Unfortunately, it was a bit more powerful than I had expected.


I found myself submerged as I penetrated, I was able to slice the surface.

I remember my first encounter, I was so nervous and anxious in the same breathe.

I decided to float, but every time I got comfortable it tested my ability to ride the waves.

Every time I am looking to relax, it challenges me.

I look forward to its feel upon my skin, how welcoming it is as I seem to be suspended in a place of fluidity.


I was met with a wave that quickly took me under.


In it, I carried all my burdens but was oddly weightless.


In it, I found danger and limitless possibilities one in the same.


In the splash, I found life and death staring directly into one another’s eyes.


As much as I enjoy calm waters, sometimes I love to know that the waters push back.


As we chase, dive, and play it never leaves with anything but a REFRESHING SPLASH!