When was the last time you were touched with firm hands?

The moment you were reminded of your innate ability to be gentle, feminine and a nurturer.

That the wolf you stumbled upon, does not frighten you but makes you quiver in excitement.

Have I awakened a beast that only comes out to play in the most crucial moments?

A yearning for moans, how exactly does that feel to be craved, admired, displayed so truthfully?

Yell, whimper, or just gasp.

Whatever your release, let it out.

Is Work long, people tiring, life tense, well let me energize you.

How deep have you been touched, have you been met in your shine or shadow?

Left in the corner alone means ESCAPE, time for adventure, time for thoughts you had never before imagined.

Are you ready for this, should I drive or you?


Where are we going, our final destinations undecided..?

Stressed let’s cruise and you can find every answer and the place you never knew to look.

Your smile has been absent, I can make sure I fix its attendance and make it present.

The class is in session, today we will learn all new subject matter and put your brain to its ultimate test.

Quick recess, so never get too serious it is time for fun, freeze tag, swings, and glimpses of life outside.

We can travel the world and learn the ways of tantra, align our chakras, or sail the coast of Sri Lanka.

Language is never a problem so many ways of communication, speech both verbaland non-verbal. 

Please take a breath and we can explore the delicacies of France, go down under and see what the Australians know, or slowly wind to sounds of Brazilian samba.

Math was a particularly amazing subject of mine, so we can jump right to geometry and find different angles, the distance from one point to the next.

Where do we intersect or do we lay parallel and mirror one another?

History is a tool to prepare for the present and grow for the future. Who you were before, made you who you are at this very moment.

Will I judge NEVER, will I allow you to be who you are destined to become, undoubtedly.

War is inevitable yet is rewarded with Peace. 

The core subjects have been passed what is next?









Who knows what will interest you and excite you, maybe that can be our next lesson.

As the bell rings and our time ends, I will return you to the one who sent you. 

I will retreat for more lessons to study and analyze, make sure you are prepared.

For the next time class is in session…

Will we know who stands in front of us, or will we look completely unfamiliar after we learn ourselves?