-Trey had found himself finding a comfortable spot at the bar, Jace had already found multiple prospects. The band was smooth, it was a 90s club laid back vibe so the ambiance mildly nostalgic. The melancholy mood was featured by the smooth drink of Scotch, 2 cubes. As smooth as Trey’s drink his demeanor was something so refined it seemed effortless. As the opening acts took to the stage, the crowds started to grow but due to the weather, Trey could see that a vast majority would seem to have reneged.  A midst the room were different shades of sweetness. Caramel, mocha, dark chocolate, butterscotch, and butter pecan. Women dressed so flawless and moving so elegantly. How on earth was Jace supposed to focus when it was more than a fair share of eligible and elite bachelorettes. Trey had found simple pleasantries in people watching while enjoying the sounds. 


“Aye Jace, I am going to run to the restroom real quick.”

As Trey maneuvered through the crowd towards the men’s room, someone caught Jace’s eye.

“Hi, Jace, why do you look like you have seen a ghost.”

“Nah, no ghost just wondering what brings you this way.”

“Just wanting to say hi, I saw Trey was with you.”

“Ha, just coming to say hi huh? You know Trey is going to ignore you right?”

As soon as those words left Jace’s mouth he can see his homie heading directly back to their table. Knowing that this situation to go one of 3 ways. Kamryn, Trey’s ex that he had just spoken up was standing at their table.

Trey notices and simply ignores that she even is in the vicinity.

“Hi, to you too Trey. DAMN! You can’t even speak!?”

Again Trey ignores her and signals the bartender for 1 more. Jace smirks and the look on Kamryn’s face quickly switched from welcoming to catty.

“That’s fine play hard to get, you forget I know exactly what it is you like.”

Swiftly and seductively walking away, Trey finally opens his mouth to take a sip of his drink.

Why you invite her over?”

“I didn’t she brought her little freak ass over here on her own.” (With a smirk on his face)

“Alright, ya full of shit!”

“No, in all seriousness though she saw you & came after you left for the bathroom. I think she trying to throw it on you, don’t front she look good.”

“Crack looks good to a feind doesn’t mean it is worth the relapse.”

The opening act was finishing and the main event was on its way.

Music was flowing and the mood was cleared after Trey finished his next drink.

As the opening set had settled in, the main act was ready.

Yet Trey had found something a little bit more attention-grabbing.

This woman and in highest of regards he did mean WOMAN, was comfortably seated and her energy was astronomical.

Jace immediately caught Trey in his hawk eye mode and uttered out, “dammmmnnnn now she bad as fuck.”

“Watch your mouth. Words are powerful!”

Although they did not know her name, Trey knew exactly whom Jace was referring to. This woman was the epitome of grace and just the right amount of ambiguity. She had a fearlessness, gently adorned with such a softness that rivaled that of the finest silks and satins. She was standing in heels swaying to the music in sync so well as if she had composed the sound herself. She was such an eye catcher that now it was apparent she had the room in her utter and furious control.

Lurking in the shadows Kamryn had her eyes on the prize but couldn’t help but notice the consolation that was being scoped. She was a bit enamored mixed with a healthy dose of envy. That gleam in Trey’s eye she had known and seen before and knew exactly what it meant. Suddenly his look changed and from that, she saw that someone was making a move in on little miss GORGEOUS. Unbeknownst she had a multitude of admirers and even a new adversary of sorts.

“Well there goes your chance, ol‘ boy done swooped in and said something.”

Immediately Trey sat back glanced one more time in the Ms. Unknowns direction then returned to the music as the opening act was beginning to take the stage for their set.

*In the back of his mind he was intrigued but part of him decided to stay away was far more important than throwing off his ways currently.*

In that same moment, Trey received a text.

[Hello Sir, my flight lands 1st thing, are you free for dinner tomorrow?]

With a quick smirk and swift response.

[Sure, what do you have in mind?]

[Italian, and a wonderful wine.]


Before the set could start, Trey stepped out to make a brief phone call and returned to his spot. The only problem was Ms. Unknown, had seemed to find eye contact with him for a brief moment. After which both returned to their respective parties, Jace hadn’t even noticed the transaction but a few tables away Kamryn had kept her focus locked in.

*Who was this woman and she obviously was a lover of good music and her style was impeccable, but who is she?* (Trey was analyzing)

The night seemed to be going according to plan until randomly Trey got up abruptly. Walking right over to where Ms. Unknown sat, with a very relaxed look.

This would be the beginning of both of their lives changing.

Tension seemed to be growing the closer he got to her table.

Before he could find the perfect combination of anything to say as he arrived.

He was interjected by the woman his eyes were locked on.

She opens her mouth and a beautiful voice utters,

“What’s Your Phone Number?”