Blessings come in shapes, sizes, and sometimes at the most unappreciated time. That ass whooping, that disappointment, and even that failed opportunity to top the list of a few things. A possible solution is a perspective on how these situations inflict and agitate change. When and where were you when you experienced embarrassment and vowed to never fall victim to it again? How many times have you been on the receiving end of a bad hand to ultimately find yourself unable to desire the same situations to arise?

Did I mention that relationship that went off the tracks even though you fought for it to survive? Well guess what you are not Denzel and this is not an action drama. You have been deemed the antagonist and everyone is the protagonist in this script. Now wait, that is fucked up I mean damn, do I get any say so? The quick answer you already had your opportunity & failed to capitalize, or did you? Fly high as you must but come down you may. Your lowest lows come at the experience for your grandest highs. You can learn a lot from being on the end not celebrating, you can accept a bit more from being unable to just not quite conquer the opponent. That bitter taste can be merged into the very thing that will never allow you to ever feel that form again, due to your lack of preparation.

 You very well may be the exact reason your script has been written in such. The dramatic effect of the triumph, the comeback, the resurgence not the sequel but a victory propels into a legacy. Honor those faults, those scary yet worthy risk, those bitter yet hard fought defeats, and transmute that energy. Use the fuel, the drive, the wisdom, and most importantly use it so precisely that you seem effortless in your exertion. Make it all count.

For all the hard times you have ever faced think about them or talk about how you have weathered storms far fiercer than the ones you will face and even if they do surpass the previous, GRIN and go full attack. These trials and tribulations are the exact moments you will laugh and be grateful for when you reach your pinnacle.

I was blessed in so many ways but nobody claps in the midst of the storm, no we do not even praise our resilient nature once we have outlasted it. I focused on the storm and what terror and havoc it brought. I was unable to focus on the light ahead, the clear and beautiful shine of triumphant victory.

See life will leave you stuck and more importantly it will leave you no remorse. It is for you to properly grieve and expel. No, it is not supposed to be paralyzing. It is to be expanding. It is to be joyous, and most of all it is supposed to be refreshing. I mean Sprite Remix 2004 summertime fun, wow I love this refreshing! How beautiful is a life that in the darkest hour a light will shine and illuminate that very shadow?

It takes patience, it takes trust, it takes strength, a whole lot of grit, and a great deal of consistency. How else would you manage to power through with your back against the wall? Do you fold and concede or do you fight back so fiercely; that life second guesses what it has decided to go up against?

Naw, it is knuckle up and put up time. The price of taking steps in a direction unknown to become something unseen. Flexing and showing that fight, showing that you were underestimated. That you were dormant and now you have awakened, to completely lay it all out FEARLESSLY.

It is not up to you to change the people in the world but to change the person you are in this world. Be any and everything your soul desires, perfect it or just test it. Know that the very essence of your fortitude relies solely on that very premise. Sometimes you will underestimate and sometimes you will overestimate but you will always be right on target when the moment shows itself, if you find peace of mind in the midst of storms.


Enjoy the ride, keep it moving, and remain GRATEFUL!