Lost, Confused, unsure, doubtful. These thoughts run rampantly on the lines between am I doing enough or can I do more.

The ideology that ones success is externalized is a constant struggle of working within the realm of society while battling inner spirituality.

What is love?

Who or What or Where is God?

Knowing vs. Believing?!?

How soon do you look for things you can not see yet can feel in the pits of your existence?

We breathe air but only see it in the cold.

Maybe we only seek Love in the coldest moments. When our hearts turn cold do we seek the warmth of Love.?

Maybe we only seek God at the drop of the temperature. How often do we seek God in the bask of the sunshine? Asking what, where, why, how, or even who.

Has technology made everyone knowingly blind or optimistically ignorant.?

Searching, leaving no stone unturned, does that result in searching the world for who you truly may be…

Is love singular, plural, or simply infinite.?

The best place to ask these questions is within…

Do you set specific standards versus lofty expectations?

Do you give with empty hands or take with heavy ones.?

Where do you leave your mark?

When will you discover fire!?

When will you ignite a flame that leads those astray to their goals?

1st where will you ignite your self and thoughts to grow abundantly to bear fruits?

Before you can find most of those answers, find your PEACE of MIND, the purpose of yourself!