The thought of being sunken, stuck in bondage, is a sickness, it is mental paralysis. It feeds off the misconception that you are alone and you are stuck amidst every problem you encounter.

I recently have been dealing with a bout with depression. In it, I feel stagnant and truly rundown. I needed to find a solution but was avoiding proper action to actively retrieve myself. Depression is a place of many things but can also be a revelation, if transmuted properly. I ultimately am still intending to alchemise my personal situations. I would also love to pass along some needed and helpful tips.

While short and sweet here are 7 tips to simply get out of your SUNKEN PLACE…

  2. Find A Place of Solitude *cough* *cough* (Confident1al on Sundays)
  3. Figure out what you are capable of changing
  4. Map out as many possible solutions (Write them down if necessary)
  5. Ask for help for the things you can’t change.
  6. Take A Break.
  7. Reflect on yourself then remove what does not work and fine tune what does.

Escapism will never fix the issue. Although mental illness is not a choice, recovery is. Finding therapy for mental and emotional illness is a necessity for recovery from life’s trauma. Shrink your ego and know yourself.

Join Confidential and share as we can help navigate through life as well as experience it. Love & Prosperity to you!