As a child you sometimes are so engulfed in what is said that you fall victim to not listening but simply hearing.

We are all victim of doing something and as it backfires or succeeds you hear that voice, “*insert old saying*” from the person who you seek council. For me it is to this very day my Mama and Grandma. The problem is as a child, we were focused on just the words and context, not the comprehension or content. At least I wasn’t, so slowing myself down and being patient allowed for me to well, LISTEN.

As you emerge through life, you change views or decide to stay foolish enough to stick in one way. For some it is the difference between their most expansive dreams or the longest nightmare. I loved to talk with my ladies because, above all else they had lived and were wise in what they spoke of. Maybe not technical teachers but more like Guru’s predicting failures and success as they arose. Naive enough, I was ready to jump overboard and step off the cliff versus taking flight. They had given me all the things I needed to fly and well I opted for a road trip in a hooptie. They were blessing me as were other elders with stories of their mistakes and triumphs. With those I would absorb the wisdom and grow exponentially. Yet, sometimes elders speak senseless, pre-historic and well simply put pure BULLSHIT. Even bullshit fertilizes crops if you use it properly. So elders will not stop good, bad, or in between.

Yet they speak none the less. They tell [stories] of tears and smiles, [times] of joy and pain, with hearts they have filled with love or blocked with hurt. The jam to their Golden years {The you don’t know nothing about this, but it is played every family function song} or reminding you of what was relevant back in their day. As you start to view them you realize they once had your situation it simply just had a different scenery. The stage may have showed differences but the message behind it held the same. The world has almost shrunk in a matter of a century from trains on land and boats on sea, to Flights across the world. So for our generation our playground and scenery is vast and far more accessible.

As you navigate through life, you will remember those intricate sayings, those comical moments, and even the words you knew were coming before they were even said. My favorite which my grandfather coined, “Happier than a sissy in boys town.” Simply just saying being ecstatic about a situation. As you mature you learn “mise en place.”  (French pronunciation: ​[mi zɑ̃ ˈplas])

Which solely means to put in it’s place or everything in place.

The auntie who drinks MadDog, plays a mean hand of bid whist[better version of spades] still may know how to find you bargains on liq and talk shit, but she may not be your financial guru. Your cousin who has a different “partner” at every holiday/family reunion/cookout may not be the person to confide in for how to keep a lasting relationship; yet they may teach you how to keep your self prepared if the opportunities present themselves.

Nobody is an expert on your life, because well it is YOUR life, that YOU are seeking buuuut elders can be the tools, put in your bag to build that life. Listening when elders speak can let you know what and what not too. Put what you accumulate in its place while getting rid of what does not satisfy your goals.

So when the elders do speak, you should LISTEN to the message and not the words!