I used believe that playing by all the rules was the most honorable thing. That is until I realized everyone plays by their own rules and each one is meant to be broken.

I found beauty in damage, found purpose in restoration, and desired substance from abuse. Please do not mistake my thoughts for unabated expressions due to their blithe presentation.

More than anything, being broken comes with the price of high risk and even higher reward. It is a pure sign of fearlessly bounding into an abyss. Rabbit hole, black hole, or asshole you have fell into or ran into one of them.

I can see the wrinkles from your eyes where you once cried. Your eyes a bit drier from the last time you were let down. Has it been that long? Your smile on vacation or has it just been pushed to the weekend for your frown to work overtime? Has it been this dark where your light struggles to break through?

I ask these questions because I know what it looks like to be destroyed, obliterated and left to scrape up the pieces of tattered hearts. I know what it is like to second guess yourself and then double over and wonder if you are being too sensitive or accurate in your gut.

Please realize at this point in life, I am open but my armor is quite impregnable and for you to be able to even scathe me would take persistence, I am very positive you do not possess. Weathering many storms not much fazes me anymore, pressure excites me, adrenaline rushes to my entire aura to simply ignite. I am equipped with agility & speed as well as endurance, blessed with strength, wit, and courage. Doubts have subtly drifted away and let’s be honest my standards have gone drastically to new heights.

Spare me the sad stories or even the thoughts of me giving a fuck. Harsh as it sounds it is not, I am simply being who my circumstances and constant reminders have shown me to be. Although patient I am quite the scholar. Aware of the bullshit you intend to share, and neither interested nor entertained by its presence.

No apologies and I sincerely wish you well, yet remember I am now the wizard, general, soldier and I cast my very own spells. I make concoctions and am well armed for war. I might let you win a battle just so when you lose your feelings aren’t severely sore. Genius or mad scientist I am a bit of them both.

Animal ambition and keen hunting ability I am the beast and the hunter you should have never awoken. The monster that will leave you asking why? Trust me I will let you feel comfortable as I soar through the sky. Prowl from afar and plan out a meticulous pursuit. I will not leave you wounded or able to retreat for another day. No, no, no this is jungles rules. I have no mercy for you in weakness because you were once strong. Understand now though where your actions fell wrong, abuse of power is a form of utmost treason and corruption.












For Your disloyalty, forgiveness you may be awarded, but forgotten it is not!