After my 1st few pieces, As with anything I do I like to scrutinize as well as sharpen my own work. I am extremely critical of myself as it helps keep me humble and ever seeking knowledge. Along with feedback and different perspectives, here are clear objectives/steps to sharpen.

  • My writing style has been a bit forced, genuine but none the less forced and predictable.
  • My pieces, although Confident1al should express me unmasked.
  • My audience while not completely understood or defined, my goal of expression should be.
  • I  am still honing one of my many crafts.
  • I have to truly unleash the highest part of me.
  • I have to knowingly shed expectations which will heighten my work.

Now for these points above I have been analyzing and identifying myself. After a few stints of depression which was caused by many triggering effects. I have come to the point of atonement for my own shortcomings and even my ill-advised moments. As I enjoy the comments, views, and steady support, the goals I have set are a bit more in-depth, lofty, and particular. I will continue to grow and in that, I will always remember to reflect! I am gladly looking for as much criticism, suggestions, and or compliments. As I step into the new calendar year. I plan to EXPAND, GROW, and LIVE FEARLESS. As either a new subscriber, an infrequent visitor, major or minor supporter or a weekly regular, THANK YOU there is a message/truth/life to be uncovered in these transcripts, I truly hope you find it!

This year has been a blessing of magnanimous proportions. I have truly been blessed and grateful to be tried and tested vigorously time and time again. I have found much peace in myself which was not always the case. Forgiveness has marched its way into my heart as a staple that I was unwilling to previously accept. I moved and took steps towards ME. I fought for what was right no matter who it impressed or made uncomfortable. Released living for another’s acknowledgment and relieved me of obstacles, people, habits, and thoughts which simply complicated/hindered me. Standing firm and tall, self-care has been becoming my daily routine when for many years it was not. I cleaned up my messes which I looked to avoid and decided to forge a clear and clean path towards my very best existence. Giving what knowledge I can to those who could use it. As well as absorbing knowledge that I can add to my many tools. I survived an almost fatal car crash, moved back to my hometown, acquired new skills as a man. I watched myself be supported which has been few and far in many years. Basked in my self-discipline by spending over half of the year celibate, and transmuted childhood trauma into adult victory. I unpacked so many things and have truly gotten lighter. It has been a very up and down year. I smiled more and the little boy who got lost in so many “things” decided to come out and play again. I was young at heart but wise in my mind. I am no saint or perfect, so this year I acknowledge my faults but I applaud my successes. I surrendered my decision to explode and decided to properly place situations in proper place, think, and then act accordingly. I simply “Did My Part” and stop worrying if anybody wanted to applaud me for it. My Odyssey is truly beginning and my direction is clear.

My words of encouragement and advice to myself and the world.

Live THE DREAM you can’t seem to only enjoy in your SLEEP!