Life brings a place of journey, growth, and transition. The funniest part is we desire greed or complacency in this journey which actually slows us down. I read a quote that stuck very vividly in my memory.

“Direction is more important than speed. There are a ton of people going nowhere fast! “

Well, what exactly is it that holds people hostage to this sickness. Denzel Washington said it best, ” Never confuse movement with progress, you can run in place and not go anywhere.” The truth behind both of those quotes is the need for discipline and consistency, but most of all we rather believe we have moved forward versus actually doing the moving. People will lie to themselves, society has made it almost socially normal to not stumble or acknowledge failure as a part of the process but rather show this false finish line of progression. Some people live a facade which they did not earn, so earning the next step is foreign because you are unable to correlate the possibility. That is until it trends when it then becomes populous you can easily morph into. The morph is comfortable and can suffice but eventually, the lights and the show ends what then? Until you create your own well you will constantly be a stunt double, or a stand-in trying to fit in.

Point being sometimes our next stop requires work we may have been unacquainted with. That work requires effort and even after you have put in the heavy lifting someone may come in and steal your glory or worst it will not be a complete success. They will diminish your vision and water down your product. Yet in that, you can stand proud of the completion of your goal but those who are only concerned with the real will always recognize the difference. This is the daunting part of departing to the next location, it is an air of inevitability and unknowns. When exactly we lose control of the situations as stated before we hold onto a tight place of safety. Well for most people waiting to see the next trend is safe. Controlling the environment and preparing to file in, like the line on the way to lunch. It dissolves the need to critically think. It absolves the lack of perspiration, ambition, and most of all personal accomplishment. It is a double-edged sword as it can readily help propel one to a vast arena, yet without the adequate work and information, leaves them in limbo. Lack of preparation leads the new consumer to either fake it or worse be a victim, to loss of self-identity. Instead of enjoyment of the moment and life, you are steadily on call to ensure you’re able to keep pace or find ways to outshine those who have taken the road less traveled.

I think of hype-beast, I myself have never been a major fan of JORDANS on an extensive level with a few soft spots for select J’s off personal admiration. I watched it become such a thing that the notoriety and even the exclusivity of it were overly saturated. When that became apparent my discontent for the lovers actually depleted and was transferred to that of the those whom vulture the culture behind it. I myself would gladly purchase a few pairs of J’s [Aqua 8’s, Steel 10’s, and the He Got Games], but would I wash down the culture to do so? ABSOLUTELY not! Reason being I respect the audience who built its prominence. That was once not a destination, it was somewhat of serendipity and now it has been dismantled to be nothing more than a simplistic part of the artificial collective. It is the easy life which many are ok with because it is safe and non-threatening.

Well REAL Life will kick your ass, I mean hand you an ass whooping after ass beating, it will leave no mercy or remorse. As you attempt to catch a breath it will swiftly gut punch you to dethrone you once more so much so without a blink. It is Iron Mike, not a flinch not a smirk, not a second guess of knocking your ass out swiftly or if you are playing tough, meticulously. Intricately life can be a teacher we despise, it is the father, the most intense and difficult moments will lead you to either crumble and weep or rise and become stronger, smarter, and agiler. Before you can even realize that you must first find the area to be able to place these new gifts to the test. Except it is much easier to revert to our old stomping grounds. You have to test uncharted waters and find your way through with what you already possess.

See the next stop always seems a bit too far, too wide, or even an impossible feat yet it will simply take steps before not stepped. That subtle hesitation is the moment of truth, either you step forward or stand idle or even worse get knocked backward.


So while following that specific rule; jump, leap, or simply step forward every step you have taken before was the 1st step what makes this one any different? So make sure that there are no more stops(breaks and intermissions are perfectly fine) but No STOPS. Use every good, bad, and indifferent instance to be the wind beneath your sails. Use that energy to energize you. Turn it into power, push it into your psyche that nothing can stop your dream except you. Write your life biography never let someone author your story.


At what moment do you set sail for your next destination?

Well, that moment is when you no longer talk about it but it finds its way to be seen…