On your


Get Set


Where the fuck are you going?

No idea?


Who are you racing against?

Still no idea?


Who is the competitor and who is the ally?

How do you race in a different arena? In Soccer you can’t use your hands to touch the ball but in Basketball you can’t use your feet.

Whose rules are you applying your logic to?

Has logic limited you, since logic is a limiting possibility?

Have your feelings been a wave to ride or take you under?

What science supports your narrative?

Are you prepared or just taking a leap?

Have you learned your lessons or laid in your losses?

Are you spiritually in line?

What religion backs your beliefs?

When exactly did you accept those thoughts or were they passed down traditions?

Where would you be without your beliefs and where are your morals taking you?

How fair is life, if it is unfair for everyone?

When did you peek into the life of others to see if your practice is paying off?

Why do you have answers to these questions?

Does my mind somehow know exactly the things to unlock yours?

Are you a prisoner to your mind, circumstance, or someone’s idea of who you should be?

Are you your biggest competition or harshest critic?

Have you loved yourself so deeply to be able to give that to the world?

Have you doubted who you can be, so you doubt those around you?

Are you a dreamer or just someone who looks into a void?

When do you stop all of that and run YOUR….