I have an acquired taste, not to be mistaken for a common meal.

An exotic delicacy, exclusive flavors which blend quite intriguingly.

Not one course but an entire meal, from beginning to end from Appetizer, to amuse, to second and mid-course,,an intermezzo before the main course just to cleanse my palette and definitely dessert and accompanied with after dinner drinks.

Not cheap or quick, something to be savored better yet yearned for. An acquired taste in unlikely pairings.

A meal you duly note as one of your favorites but save for special occasions.

Soul & comfort food but fine dining in one.

Hand prepared and selected, a secret recipe, so mouthwatering.

A craving, a blessing to warm your entire being.

Ambiance paired with warm scents and beautiful sounds. Pleasing to the taste as much as it is to the eyes.

You dare not share but want the world to know of it, a dilemma you tussle with.

Blended with herbs and spices.

It’s delicious without the sauce and [with it] is intoxicating.

The only catch is, you are just perfect for my taste buds…


Written by Confident1al

Discovery within discovery, a place of genuine growth! Expressing through the many ways I feel comfortable and uncomfortable doing so....

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