Yes in your mind you have made up what your fairy tale will be and even included me in the script.

  1. Really quick before we go down the list of things that sound great to you, have you asked me my thoughts?

  2. Have you dedicated time to understand my psyche or deemed me the one?  It is easy to say we get along because we like the same music, or eat similarly. BUT

  3. Are our thoughts similar, The same or simply you just agreeing to appease me?

I find it disturbing that in the middle of this biography written, my life has been decided without little to no consultation on my part. You selfishly have made every decision without analyzing who we are.

4.Does that not disturb you?

5. We have crossed paths this was surely by no mistake, but has it been written that we will be apart of each other’s last page?

Not in the chapter but of our collections and editions.

6. In our library is it filled with encyclopedias or decorated with a few short stories, videos, and a couple of picture albums?

The story sounds so worthy of bestseller reviews. It is the perfect script that will garner awards and nominations for best lead and supporting actor/actress. The only issue is you have not held auditions how are you sure I am the one. You know because you know or are you desperate for the completion to Romeo and Juliette. Remember they both die for love.

7. Would we die for our love or would I simply be wounded?

8. Would you ensure that I was the last man you loved or would you simply flee in turmoil?

9. Do you value trust so much so, that not much, if anything is left to pass?

I value experience and hard work, knowledge paired with excitement. You are a woman of virtue, I suppose anyway. The ultimate reason to lie to someone is typically uttered in the words I have no reason to lie. Words are quite powerful and the way we play with them is very dangerous. I typically refrain from loading the gun on my tongue nowadays unless asked to fire it in the correct place. Yet do not be fooled, it will unleash truths for it has shot blanks of lies before, and for some reason it never quite got the job done. Headshots and hollow tips because my words will now pierce and wound the weak and decimate the unprepared.

10. Are you able to be a gift and curse?

11. Have you experienced pain worth fighting for?

12. How deep does your perseverance run?

Quite sure that finding you was divine in nature. Of some sorts, it was a blessing, for others a curse. You will lift me as I will lift you but our horizons may not mirror one another. My back may be the last thing you view and I may never watch the tears drop from your eye. Our encounter filled with lessons, wisdom, garnished with fear.

13. Do endings bring you sorrow?

14. Will my actions be questioned in your logic or will you analyze mine?

15. Have you been tested for endurance?

A rib, no! A being, an energy with the full capacity, the perfect plug and outlet. In our exchanges do we lay down our guard or is it simply a gambit. Fools gold, a hidden treasure not quite sure or does EX mark the spot for each other.

16.What do you value in a union?

17. Are you able to deal with the unfamiliar and treat that stranger as a guest?

18. Where does fate meet work and creativity meet discipline?

Communicating is sometimes tough, it is a vulnerable act when done correctly and a destructive one when not taken seriously. Diligence and trust in the process, not the action, is the true tale of fortitude. A foundation upon which is unshakable. Communication does not always come easy as sometimes many obstacles find their way between what is relevant and what is minuscule.

19. Are you prepared to face me at high times and low times?

20. Can you trust that I replenish your energy if you replenish mine? I will meet you at 100% do not dare decide to give me anything less but more than is always accepted.

21. What dat mouf do?

Yes, I need to know every trick, synonym, the soliloquies, smiles, lies, and even metaphors you utter. I need to know in which ways it is used, do the means justify the ends. Is the meaning unseen today but uncovered tomorrow. I also need to know how well you kiss, lick, caress, moan, compliment, affirm, help, and uplift.

At one point my questions will all be answered…