Take 2 moments to think before you decide

Take 2 options before you select.

Take 2 seconds before you make a LAST minute choice.

Take 2 breathes before you exhale.

Take 2 peoples words on a suggestion but trust your gut over that.

Take 2 laughs after you let out any cry.

Take 2 thoughts before you choose your path.

Take 2 blinks before you see anything.

Take 2 listens before you hear anything.

Take 2 steps before you decide to walk forward or away.

Take 2 hands to carry every blessing and wash 2 hands of every burden.

When you are lost, call me and hear 2 words “I’m here!”

When you are afraid, remember 2 words “You’re fierce!”

When you are unsure! remember “Worry not!”

When 2 and 2 don’t add up…4give,move 4ward, and never 4get.





noun: maverick; plural noun: mavericks

1 1.

an unorthodox or independent-minded person.

2 synonyms:

3 individualist, nonconformist, free spirit, unorthodox person, original, eccentric;

Happy 2nd Birthday Princess Maverix Amora Hall 👑



Written by Confident1al

Discovery within discovery, a place of genuine growth! Expressing through the many ways I feel comfortable and uncomfortable doing so....

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