So bright and beautiful

Yet some times you are dark and mysterious.

How is it that in the midst of darkness you shine brighter than all the stars?

Maybe because you decided to forever remain present.

Is it because you know safety resides when you look at me and I shine on you.

I watch you shine brightly at night and always catch you around during the day.

You are constantly available while not always accessible.

I appreciate you in a way many can never comprehend.

How dare they condemn us for what burns so purely.

I admire the phases you go through.

Every single one looks beautiful on you.

I acknowledge the pain on my part.

As long as you allow me to replace it with pleasure.

Please keep me humble it will be the very thing that reminds me I am merely mortal.

Sometimes your control over me leaves me so vulnerable, believing myself to be sinking.

I feel weakness, yet you only see me as more powerful than before.

We will play tag, chasing one another for a lifetime.

You elude me often, as do I with you. Yet we are always able to catch one another at the perfect moment.

I do my best, but sometimes it is not enough.

You give your all, yet that sometimes is not sufficient.

After long chases, you watch me set and help me rise.

Thank you for being there, sometimes at night, you are the very light I needed to shine on what was hidden from me.