You Reached Out…

I gave you everything I had, and you took it.

You took the lies.

You endured the deceit.

You weathered the inconsiderate actions.

You were fine with my absence as long as I showed up at some point.

You knew it was good in there but my mistakes made it so hard to hold on.

Now we don’t speak.

I sought the truth.

I disciplined my integrity.

I shed my selfish ways and thoughts.

I decided to practice it and put myself through rigorous training.

I have arrived at a destination which will make sure I am never tardy.

I studied and made sure I was prepared in every way.

I came to class prepared, early, and ready for all lessons.

I didn’t get the memo.

The class is canceled and the grades you have at this point are final.

Make sure if you have learned anything, remember to study first, learn, then implement.

Life won’t have extra credit so the amount you are given should be taken seriously.

I left a minute after reading, disappointed in my own actions.

Head down and a feeling of deflation, I unknowingly walked past my professor.

Not noticing that I was being evaluated.

I became valedictorian.

I excelled and never took for granted my next opportunities.

I surpassed average and demolished the status quo.

I have been placed upon a throne, a pedestal, and awarded handsomely.

You reached out…

Now we Don’t Speak…

I didn’t get the memo…