I’m not Romeo

I will not die.

I’m not Jodeci.

I will not cry.

I am simply me and that does not require you.

You are but a temporary decision.

I am taking flight so you may not have a boarding pass.

Moment of truth, you are gorgeous precision.

Your body is quite appealing and your value is priceless.

I bet you own sensual lingerie and know many ways to please a man sexually.

You have an excellent head on your shoulders and quite the rack and back to make me think twice.

I intrigue you, there is an air of mystery, something that makes you wonder curiously.

That is how your cat gets killed is what the saying says or, is that not your fix?

Yet, I don’t need or desire that honestly.

Your mind is a bit jaded and I can see the flaws but for some odd and strange reason.

You begin to ask me questions but I can see right through the facade.

Then I realize it immediately, it is that season.

You are seeking a fix.

I work with my hands and can properly operate all my tools.

I could easily accomplish the task.

Yet, that is not my job.

I could do my best to stare but I’d rather simply quick glance.

If that bothers you, Goodbye is a word I do not cringe at the sound of.

No, is a new mainstay in my vocabulary and I will not feel pressured to fit your standard.

Express your intentions and be honest.

I can only meet you with the exact same.

Yet Please understand,

I don’t need you,

I simply chose you!