Was it worth it?

You decided to be everything you ultimately despised.

How has it helped you?

Still ungrateful, still comparing, still making bad decisions, still not paying attention?

We used to play that game together.

Priorities play a major focus on someone’s destination.

Look’s like you aren’t going anywhere.


Please, I insist you stay, I will leave no need to remain.


Yeah, I just bought some board games and a console.

It was easy, I had to have games to stimulate my mind.

Luckily yours were no longer interesting.

Also the games I once played, seem boring.

I dropped hints and was direct.

Neither worked out the way I planned.

Sometimes death is a remarkable gift.

You watch them shed layers packed on by faulty expectations.

When you watch someone mourn you see them live as if nothing else matters.

They find solace in letting go but it can turn toxic.

Also if you are not careful, watch them spiral into depression.

That is if you care enough about them.

Still giving effort on your time and disguising it as genuine care.

I figured.

I hope you get everything you deserve.

Thank you for your decision.

It made mine easier.