3 words hold a weight so heavy that most, when given them cannot manage to properly hold them.

It merely crumbles them for it is is far too pure for their tainted perception.

The three are taken for granted so most lose them.

Some give it value through currency.

Many say it resides in status and famous places.

Others mistake them for likes.

While most only see them as views.

Still, some use them in joyous times but ignore them in troubled times.

Songs depict them as acts of fantasy.

Brands disguise them in fashion and style.

Revolutionaries use them as tactics of war and propaganda.

Seeking the three words in comfort, most compare them to leisure.

Never attribute them to work, grit, and effort.

Others willfully become addicted to negative possession.

Many fight, many hide, many run, and many attempt to deny them as if they are villains, nightmares, and conspiracies.

Others live to see them, yet many are unable to even know, that it sat in front of their face.

True many tell of false tales and use them as the basis.

I never knew it could be caged like animals or people for that matter.

Some play with it through children.

Others savor it through libations, some inhale it through moments of enlightenment.

To others it is served with many courses and a delicious dessert.

I’m not sure when the purpose became distorted.

Not quite sure when the purity of it was downgraded. Cut and chopped like H-Town music.

It seems that only the purist understand what it means.

No fans but actually lovers of it, a connoisseur of the craft and believers in its truth.

Many find the healing and cleaning properties in its sting.

A composite of tools and pieces working together to create.

A puzzle many are afraid of the whole picture and only want partial views.

Some only use it as hooks and forget the bridges, melodies, and verses.

It is distributed as a controlled substance and many overdose and relapse on false versions of it.

Some find resolve in its honesty while others weep at its transparency.

Yet when I look and see, nothing is clearer than