Black History Month every year we designate 28 days to the inventors and achievements of women and men with higher melanin.

When we are lucky every 4 years we get an extra day. WHOA, 29 days damn is that what the history is worth. The shortest month of the year to pay homage to civilization.


28 days and this is how it usually goes.

We create, you take, hike up the price and say, NIGGA, we made it.

The truth is 28 days is almost to much time to compare that of Black America was built on.

Face it American History is nothing without the culture it stole from the land of seasons and life.

Your brands stand on the means by which we make it cool.

Is that the black America is built on. We take Dr. King, I HAD A DREAM, I wonder if we can scoop it up from the Lorraine Motel. No talks of assassination just peaceful marches and bus boycotts. Rosa is a name we know so well but her abuse we duly note or the political strife.

I’m here to steal your perception of what you’ve been brainwashed and guided to never question.

Thomas Edison created the light bulb yet Lewis Latimer created the filament. Does that not make you question that idea.

Huey, Bobby Seale, Angela Davis, Cathay Williams, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, Garret Morgan, Frederick Jones, Madame CJ Walker, Sojourner Truth, Henrietta Lacks, J. Standard, Fred Hampton, Assata Shakur.

Is the narrative written in the tale of the victor or the oppressed or the story of the bad guy cleaning his mess?

Our sound is forbidden and bold so it is aggressive and threatening.

The moment I abandon it you act as if you discovered what was already created. Take it, hike it up & say, NIGGA, We Made It.

My style unprofessional or uncouth.

My words are broken and the very slang you will incorporate is ill intended.

My looks beastly or animalistic, threatening to your “safe and non-intrusive” life.

You make me smile with such hypocrisy.

My spiritual practices made to be sadistic and satanist, so much so that even our people reject them.

Ultimately rejecting themselves to receive the narrative you drew up for them.

Loving myself and the women, children, and men who reflect my image, NARCISSISTIC?

Every alleged mistake or law you decide to create adds to the public statistic.

What the fuck is it?

Land of the free and home of the brave.

You omitted that the Brave aren’t free and the Free aren’t brave.

Sick paradox!

But you try to get me to second guess, asking what are the similarities in American & Black History, I’d love to give you a detailed excerpt but don’t ever forget.