A blessing, a warrior, so gentle and frail, yet so unmistakably STRONG. Fortitude and Perseverance wrapped in the flesh. Not many knew of the complications simply you had to overcome before we could even be blessed with a whimper, smile, or even a hug from you. I looked at you as a blessing, that most wanted to have for selfish purposes. I reveled in the opportunity to be in the possibility of being someone you looked to for strength. I knew little of the assignment and was with few solid examples but I took it with pride. God decided to bless me and between all the turmoils, nothing but unconditional love brought you to me. I find bliss in the smile you give and the similar mannerisms I can identify with deep in my soul. A connection like no other I feel things never before imagined and it is completely liberating. You were counted out before you had the chance to count. You were supposedly doomed and cast off as merely deemed to live an insignificant life. God had another plan and that is Precisely why you were named the Greatest. I can be many things and fall down numerous times, I can be stubborn, I can be selfish, I can be ungrateful, I can be undeserving, yet when it comes to you I simply want to be the opposite for Gods Gift to me!

I love you!

Maximillian Johnny Ramire Hall (March 9th, 2012 9:24 p.m.)


Written by Confident1al

Discovery within discovery, a place of genuine growth! Expressing through the many ways I feel comfortable and uncomfortable doing so....

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