Lily had pondered long enough on whether she should use the number. She was going out on a limb and after finishing up her to-do list she was going to reach out to her mysterious suitor and make plans for the week upcoming. She was in the midst of grocery shopping and prepping for her hectic work week so she was pondering what day would work best. Pondering on should she be quick to point and figure him out or play a game of clue?



How are you?


Nice to hear that voice of yours again?

Likewise, so what took so long?

Well, I am no quick thrill so all things need anticipation.

Agreed, yet sometimes standing idle will have you lost at your own game.

[Chuckles] Hmm, so how is Tuesday at 8:30?

Not available.

Well, what about Wednesday same time?

Not free then either.

Alright, when is a good time for you?

I will let you know, but right now I am preoccupied. I’ll call later.

*C L I C K*

Lily never knew what rejection felt like she had always been the prize. The conversation was the first which humbled her. She hadn’t known that what was to come would literally sweep her off her feet!