HIM: I’d love to hold a conversation, while you find yourself seeking & searching ways to make me reach my final destination. Play music, talk ideas and build anticipation. Connection, no title, just intense stimulation. Head to head competition, fruits bearing nectar, and pleasant pictures. Silent moments spoke with body language, rivers with no need for ends, curves which make for beautiful bends. Working overtime, rewarded with benefits, completed with friends. Does the story go further?

Or is this where this ends?

HER: Friends, this is exactly where it begins. An attraction with no limits and a connection quite intense.

As excited as you make me, enthusiasm is not the furthest thing from my mind. Yo dick and my tongue intertwined, forming a bond. I’ll take my time, making sure when I taste you its sublime. Tell me how you like it. Tell me how you want it. How wet you want my mouth to be? How deep you want me to suck it? How wide you want my mouth? How slow you want me to go? Where you wanna cum? What would you like to see? How can I be a fantasy to you as you are to me?

I don’t just crave ya dick, I crave yo kiss and yo lips. Then yo tongue on my clit while my thighs firmly gripped. You right about that overtime cause this ain’t a regular shift.

HIM- @Confident1al

Her: Ny B.