Missing You…

Quiet nights filled with soft breathes.

Sweats and shorts, body heat and heartbeats.

Kisses, giggles, jokes, and delicious sweets.

Movies, conversation, and head to chest.

Please, remember when it was laid down best.

I knew it was the temptation, my background, and essence of the streets.

Ambition, study, drive, passion, growth, and miraculous feats.

Where did you fall, where did I fail, is it a test?

Perhaps we find one another in distant galaxies.

Hustler, Quiet, Confident, separation to reach greatness.

Be it a choice of patience or a thrust of faith.

Waves, sunsets, tans, getaways, are we drifting closer or lost in different seas.?

To think that you were the very reason for my smiling faces.

Maybe we were only placed here to remember what was missing…


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