-The first time Simone saw him was the only time she needed to see everything she never knew existed and always prayed for. Trey was a graduate student and definitely on a different path from most. A visionary and easily had the drive, determination, and intellect to comprehend it all. What he lacked were support and assistance. She could see from afar he was a silent type with many woes and blessings. It was the very thing that intrigued her beside him being one of the only 2 males in her class.-

Simone had showered and was comfortably cozied in Trey’s space so engulfed in her current read that when Trey walked back in she didn’t notice until the moment music began blaring and a familiar glance was staring at her at the end of a large King size bed.

“Uh, can I help you?” *with a snappy tone*

“Nah,  unless you want to help to proofread this paper and research I have going.”

*slight exhale*


“Well then no you can’t help me!”

“You are such an asshole.”

“Is it cause I talk a lot of shit??” *smirking hard now*

“Boy Bye!”

This was typically the initial interaction between them after the hey and quick catch up.

-Simone was a woman who had a very obscure background. Brought up in loving circumstances from tragic instances some would say chaotic good. Losing her mother at a young age but being adopted by her sister and her husband. It was a recipe for success after what initially started as a disaster. Discipline, almost over discipline made it easy for her to persevere but she had an itch that needed to be scratched. Trey definitely looked like that was exactly what he could do.-

*From the living room to the room*

“Hey Simone it’s 4:30 you know how long it takes you to get ready so chop chop.”

“Listen I’m showered and clean leave me tf alone you, I only have to put on my makeup.”

“You ugly so makeup prolly will take a long time, just be ready we leaving at 6:45. If you not ready I got a few options to accompany me to dinner.”

“Ya mf momma oldest son ugly. Please, they can’t even touch me without makeup. Good luck.”

“Ayeee yo chill, but if you don’t need the shower I’m about to get in and have my clothes ready. You need anything?”

The shit talk was like their natural defense mechanism, they just would dish it out and nobody got tight it also helped when they gave real advice.

-Excuse me, hi my name is Simone and I happened to notice we are in the same Women’s Art class with Professor M.-

“Nigga get ya stank ass in there smelling like back that ass up and hoochie.”

“First off, stank I may be but if it smells like hoochie in here you prolly need another shower.”

“Oh I’m a hoochie, bet next time you like Mone, help a brother out I need XYZ, this HOOCHIE ain’t gon do shiiiitttt!”

“I only ask you to be on time and welp you never do that shit so I guess that means you been a hoochie.”

-Anyway, Professor M assigned that partner study and I was wondering if you wanted to work together?-

To be continued…