When I Met You.

As I think back of the past lovers

It is you who steps above the rest.

The first time I laid eyes on you, the moment i Saw you,

My heart and pussy beat as one

The jumps, the flutters, the thoughts.

I sustained …

I sustained as I watched you from the corner of my eye

As I whispered to my girls, “go ahead, I’ll catch up with y’all later.” I smiled.

I faced you.

I faced you and poured another drink.

I invited you back to my place.

My place which had been freshly saged and cleansed so there would only be you.

Your energy engulfed me. My magnetic scent engulfed you.

I made a move, unbeknownst to me that is what you longed for all night.

One slip of a finger and I exhaled.

You were everything my body craved. I breathed you in as I had never done before

Calling you back for more

Go home. Shower. I’ll see you tonight.

Rest here.

Our bodies intertwined seconds, minutes, hours – break. “Can I get you something? Water? Juice?”

You smiled, drew me back in & tasted every part of me as though it was your last meal.

Succulent kisses, long gazes, a smirk here and there.

You met my climax with yours.

Wet and sensitive, we collapsed.

“You need anything?”

the moment i met you.

Submission by: EMME
IG @browngirldopeskin

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