It was so much easier letting you go than it was holding you.

I gently laid you down, planted you and gave you room to blossom.

Quite difficult to predict this, it was impossible to calculate.

Memories of seeing you in the picture, yet years later you aren’t in the photo album.

It is wild, we knew exactly how to suit one another.

Patience is key, so when I used it I walked into a new door.

In it, you were not granted access.

In it, I saw myself in new visions and places.

In it, I found not simply solitude but motivation and dedication.

I saw success and failure as both means to continue my growth.

Then suddenly the room became mobile.

Driving away, I didn’t look back. Well, maybe a few times.

A mirror to see my past allowed me to see what was.

It started slowly then gradually moved faster and farther.

Until I no longer saw you, only what was once felt.

At that moment, I needed all of it, but no longer from you…


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