Sometimes we face adversity and sometimes we just cruise.

The moment you are able to find a cruise and the wind blowing in your hair. Is the time when you release and realize the greatest good. Life can be hard, it can be difficult, and can for damn sure be ruthless but it can be gentle and welcoming. How often do we appreciate that Zephyr, exactly when life become aegis to us or before? Stopping to smell the roses, to laugh, dance, and even simply smile make for brighter days. Finding laughter and happiness is a struggle that you do not have to grant yourself.

Who said be miserable, be unhappy and, sad?

No seriously, shit gets rough we are human so it will never be easy but who said live life that way? Who said be just fucked up and never crack a smile, or stay in constant turmoil? Celebrate but remember the journey and push ahead to the next prize. Life is surely a place of hills, valleys, shine, and even downpours. Change is a constant and will forever bring you something new, but if something sets your heart ablaze do it, not for anyone but simply yourself. It is the most selfless thing you can do contrary to popular belief. When you find yourself heading to the goal of your dreams well all other people become irrelevant not because they are worthless but your goal is priceless. So the pain will come but it will simply be a great story to tell when you accomplish that goal. It will be just the thing that pushed you to that bright and shining moment?

Wake Up and Take A Stroll Through Life!