I used everything I had when that was not enough I used everything I had once possessed. I fell on hard times, you used to be so soft and comforting. I was absent of breathe and short on words, you used to know the very things to say. You fled, you disappeared and like the perfect prestige attempted to resume a place you once occupied. Rage swallowed me, tempers flared and my fire ignited my wrath scorched and seared any and all in my way. I ran, jogging at first then like a child in joy sprinting, clumsily falling, scraping my knee as what was in front of me was simply a mirage. This game was hide and seek but you changed the rules every time I caught you. You framed me and only pictured me still. I watched you and found you were merely footage of my past. Luckily I was released, freed from bondage and attachment. My heart hurt as it spilled out our memories, laughs, and debates. My heart has now cleared the way for a lasting feeling. Thank you for leaving me EMPTY!