I could not hear you over my ego.

What did you say?


Please speak up, I can’t make out the words over my preconceived response.

I need you to hurry up, so I can make an assumption about what was going to be said.

There I go again jumping to conclusions.

Please forgive me, my mouth works fine but I’m not sure if my ears do.

I heard you said something, I just simply didn’t HEAR YOU.

It wasn’t the words you eloquently spoke.

Nor the sounds which exited your larynx.

It was your heart beating in excitement upon my entrance.

It was steady and I felt ambushed because it was not how versed you were.

Your fashionista ways.

Diet and workout regimen.

Extensive knowledge of ether world subject matter.

Nor the many tongues in which you speak.

I was taken hostage by your depth.

I have never been that deep before.

How do you breathe?

How do you exist?

How do you live?

I’m rambling and nothing is being understood.

Above the noise.

Beyond the distraction.

Amidst the troubles.

My soul and yours found silence.

I was afraid because it was beautiful noise with no additions.