A father’s day begins the way most days begin for others.

The motivation of a father is not shiny trinkets, grandiose automobiles, or exotic women.

A father’s day begins with the blessing of motivation fueled by his child(ren).

It is not an admirable duty but a noble and honorable one.

Why is it so?

It is a job that if done well and all is taken care of the outcome can still be unsuitable.

You see a father’s day is not a day of applause it is a day of grit, purpose, and most of all sacrifice.

A father is to ensure giving the truth and hard work that his children must endure.

It is not glamorous nor is it publicized, it is knowledge and applied effort.

Criticism, humility, exhaustion, and most of all shedding of an ego making place for a heart.

Truly a Father’s Day never can begin without his affirmations.

It can never be fulfilled without knowing that someone is counting on you.

A Father’s Day is not prizes and moments of excitement and bliss.

It is all the day’s planned before it to make sure that those days are available.

If ever you cared to know the importance of a Father’s Day.

Ask a man, a boy, and a father what inspires him every day.

One will say something external

One will say something temporary

and one will say his Children!