Pass that decision, so that I can get so high at the moment that the lasting effects seem to be just a hallucinogen.

Some work, some spend, some learn, others follow, few lead.

Drinks, sex, smoke, television.

Money, Power, Respect.

Insta-Fame, Twitter-Glory, Snap-King/Queen.

Does your drug induce deep into your ego?

Does it seep into your blood stream and intensify your adrenaline?

Is it inducing dopamine for every view and like?

Is the trend your new lifestyle?

Is your lifestyle the new trend?

Are we all drugged out or somehow are we all high?

How high must we get before we have to be let down again?

Choice is a drug

Decisions an illusion

Free will a merely mortal desire

Control a construct we yearn for.

Flow, let it slowly engulf you.